[Beijing] money also cannot buy beautiful can out of stock of laser electrograph

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Today, the author discovers beautiful in ZhongGuanCun in the market can laser electrograph FAX-L240 already out of stock, the prototype that films exclusively is to regard as press an axis to taste place in storefront, say according to agency this type is first-rate sell, 509 hind can arrive in great quantities. Probably the price is controlled in 2200 yuan, the friends that admire in the heart still are detailed information agency.

Beautiful can color of appearance of FAX-L240 laser electrograph uses warm tonal design, do not take PC interface, airframe whole color of white matchs the deck with central weak gray, feeling giving a person very quietly elegant. Charge for the making of sth. of airframe quality of a material is exquisite, the appearance of curve is designed, had stronger whole feeling, look from flank, the streamline type design of FAX-L240 is more apparent. In airframe lower part, FAX-L240 offerred line, mike respectively, outside pick up the telephone 3 socket.

The airframe Control Panel of FAX-L240 uses half bend inclined to design, the user sits on office chair to be below the circumstance that need not rise, can see each functional key-press convenient and intuitionisticly. It is in the center of operation face plate, it installed one-way LED to display screen likewise, when electrograph works, the indication language of English is the mode that the clew with intuitionistic user works currently and process. On the layout of key-press of function of its face plate, the design is reasonable. It mixes functional key-press cent for digital area, function area phone location 3 area.

FAX-L240 had double access to handle a function relatively practical, this lets it can carry out different job at the same time. For example: Receive a fax while, stock the fax that will send memory; When duplicate, use memory to send or receive a fax to wait, save working hours effectively for the user.

Used magazine of style of FX-3 an organic whole, it will exceed fine black white, sensitive beat, develop implement reach cleanness implement 4 parts be in harmony at an organic whole, although be on charge of money of economic bad news, divide form of characters or letters not as good as advantageous, but FAX-L240 sets economy technically to print means.

Handling picture quality side, FAX-L240 continued beautiful can good convention, the beautiful that it uses can digital type picture is handled (UHQTM) system, the manuscript that is united in wedlock to assist emersion photograph, blueprint, character and graph article provided support, tone and automatic brim enhance 64 class demitint function, make the manuscript promotes definition again on original basis. In mode of multinomial fax quality, FAX-L240 uses " Photo " photograph mode, can allow mixed picture to be optimized further internally, the image to achieving high quality reached promotion action since the fax.
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