[Beijing] depreciate once more! Classical 341P electrograph defeats SamSung 1000

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The SF-341P of SamSung should calculate a more classical the electrograph of the mainstream is medium, its clipper-built exterior brings people more pure and fresh, neat office environment. Besides distribute stock outside all sorts of property that should have, its price also is behaved amiably even more, want to use 930 yuan to be able to be bought only.

Actually the electrograph of SamSung is on the exterior and do not have special place, the electrograph of every manufacturer basically is same pattern, there just is change a bit on the function just, what we buy what electrograph basically consults is practical still. The style with this SF-341P Yan Chengsan consistent star, key-press is downy and those who be in electrograph is medium bottom, particularly convenient operation. The electrograph of small key-press always feels not quite atmosphere, besides serves as daily the mainest fax works, the electrograph hard to avoid of small key-press lets a person be operated by accident, press rising is not comfortable. The key-press of SamSung SF-341P is to contrast atmosphere, by rise very comfortable, and on the side have Chinese designation function, convenient operation.

SamSung SF-341P electrograph offers the standard mode of 6 seconds, the modulation of 14.4 Kbps sees adjuster rate, the memory of 0.5MB is bit smaller rather nevertheless, memory capacity can be in receive a fax 40 pages. This SF-341P is electrograph, but it is included likewise have print, duplicate, scanning 3 kinds of functions, should be machine of a kind of an organic whole. Print the resolution that can offer 600 X 600 Dpi, the clarity that print. Duplicate can offer the duplicate resolution of 600 X 300 Dpi, function of much page duplicate can amount to 50 pages. Scanning optics resolution is 200x200dpi, deal with daily average office to should be no problem.