[Zhengzhou] electrograph of Xia Pu UX-P522CN is not worth 1000 yuan

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[Zhengzhou prices] recently, electrograph of Xia Pu undertakes depreciating, make work only at present 990 yuan. The author issues UX-P522CN of this Xia Pu to everybody introduction below.

Xia Pu UX-P522CN is a ribbon common paper electrograph, exterior dimension is 340*225*136MM, weight makes an appointment with 3.1 kilogram, the exterior still is delayed bear the design of traditional electrograph, use blue-black for fundamental key, whole appears sedate and easy, 16 digital Chinese were designed on operation face plate / English liquid crystal displays screen, the operation rises very convenient.

On the function, xia Pu UX-P522CN uses contact image sensor (CIS) scanning means, 64 class gray scale, 9600bps comes 2400bps self-adjusting speed, transfer time is 15 seconds about, can hold the size flourishing paper of 50 pages, paper size is A4, the memorial capacity of 448KB, send paper plant automatically to be able to have 10 pages automatic file is deferent, can store file of about 24 pages. Other side, have 30 telephone number to dial automatically function, support remembers deferent, broadcast to convey reach receive without paper, support the double incoming message that make type to show.