[Beijing] be not worth 1000 yuan! Brotherly FAX-858 electrograph arrives

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Editor viewpoint: This product has the norms of the mainstream and more substantial price, be one with practical the product that wins consumer to love.

[Beijing reports] brotherly FAX-858 is the electrograph that year end appeared on the market 2005, the price of this electrograph is controlled in 1000 yuan, because compare welcome cause,be probably, FAX-858 can encounter appearance of brief be in short supply now and then. This product arrives in great quantities recently.

FAX-858 is one faces the product that SOHO a group of things with common features and user of individual user, small and medium sized business design, it used distinctive silver-colored gray face plate to design, have fashionable flavor. The exterior of the product is cabinet, save a space.

Handling a side, this electrograph has Chinese liquid crystal to show an interface, make an operation more simple go to the lavatory. Additionally it still is had carry film, such users can fax similar bill easily such flimsy and won't damage.

This electrograph uses ribbon heat to turn impress employs kind, use common paper fax. Liquid crystal indication screen can show one-way 16 character. Into paper implement can hold 10 pages paper, carton can hold 30 pages paper.

In performance standards respect, the deferent rate of this product is 9.6kbps, have 512k memory, can realize 25 pages to be received without paper at most. Resolution was offerred standard, careful, exceed careful, photograph 4 level. It still is had prevent rubbish to fax a function, can rejection blacklist number sends the fax that come. Serving as copycat to use is, can install duplicate at most 99, shrink put limits to be 50% to 150% , standards is very economic still.