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An autumn wind cool, take along sth to sb of rustling autumn wind comes Chu Dong's breath, compare blast a cool meaning, samSung holds a fervent sales promotion activity, occasion is in full swing. Came on October 1, 2006 on December 31, 2006 during sales promotion activity, the user that every buys electrograph of SamSung SF-360 series all can be gotten award is blown blow card a piece, share 888 SamSung fashionable mobile phone to wait for you to take. Be about to know mobile detail to land SamSung printer website please: Http//www.samsungprinter.com.cn.

The master piece that the electrograph of SamSung SF-360 series of this sales promotion is SamSung to be rolled out recently in electrograph product domain this year, this series electrograph includes two kinds of type: SF-360 (fax / duplicate) , SF-361P (fax / duplicate / print) . It is the double actor combination that high intelligence is changed and exceeds strong sex price to compare, its market performance is worth to expect.

SF-360 series electrograph transmits documentation with the modem speed of 14.4Kbps, transmission time is 6 seconds only, and offerred 10 sheet press dial and 100 dial quickly. Partial model can come true minutely the duplicate function that 3 pages copy and minutely the printing speed of 4 pages.

Although SF-360 fastens the standard of an electrograph,configuration can be called only " the mainstream " , but the exploration that its change applied aspect in intelligence is worth to expect however. My Favorite of have the aid of (my favorite) the function can store 20 commonly used documentation, although SF-360 series electrograph is in without original on the hand, the user also can send these documentation at any time, reduced external condition manacle, ensured documentation to convey thereby, came true not to have paper work. In addition, SF-360 series electrograph is used prevent tilt into draft implement, prevent tilt to because paperboard tilts,technology of automatic documentation feed can prevent and omit important documentation information to perhaps cause Mo Ban, strengthen the accuracy that the user faxes already, what implementation communicates is accurate without improved fax quality again by accident.

The style with consistent equipment of OA of SamSung of continuance of SF-360 series electrograph: Structure compact, body is lightsome (weight is 3 kilogram only) , can save use space effectively, can alleviate for medium and small businesses and individual user dimensional insecurity problem, control dimensional cost. Additional, electrograph of SamSung SF-360 series also pays close attention to bad news material to use the control of cost highly, its save course of Chinese ink mode to improve, can reduce the Chinese ink cost of 25% , have price of very tall sex to compare.

Be in this year as SamSung OA the master piece of electrograph product domain, appear on the market in a large-scale sales promotion, this also can see record the confidence that SamSung OA is an electrograph to SF-360 and heavy visual range are spent. SamSung respect controller expresses: "Regard electrograph whole world as important manufacturer, samSung electron insists to offer the intelligent electrograph that has innovation sex and costly value for the market from beginning to end, communicate an experience in order to improve the contact of individual user and domestic user. We believe, new a kind of trend that the SF-360 series electrograph that roll out can make trade of one's own profession very quickly. New a kind of trend that the SF-360 series electrograph that roll out can make trade of one's own profession very quickly..
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