[Shanghai] a few arriving SamSung SF-361P electrograph only 1200

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Editor viewpoint: With before photograph of function of electrograph of acting product SF-341P is compared, the promotion with the SamSung SF-361P the biggest electrograph that new fund appears on the market depended on expanding memory capacity. In price respect, the price difference of both also has trifling only 300 yuan.

[Shanghai reports] Home Ceng Xiangda has reported author of not long ago the message that electrograph of SamSung SF-361P/SF-360 ink jet is about to appear on the market. However, inside very long period of time the author is selling did not see in field afore-mentioned two taste newly arrive. Disclose according to agency later, of original SamSung SF-361P appear on the market the price compares SF-341P only expensive on 300 yuan, and its memory capacity promotes a class. At the same time SamSung SF-341P is returned and have no the evidence of stop production, adopt for this a few agency as early as possible undersell SF-341P and the strategy of SF-361P of a few replenish onr's stock. This also formed the agent that has higher level only to just can have merchandise on hand, and the agency with a few inferior level appears a few replenish onr's stock or the phenomenon that stop money.

Still understand convention to configure function above all. SamSung SF-361P applies ink jet to print a technology, deploy one-way the liquid crystal screen of 16 character, capacity of 10 pages ADF, use USB2.0 to print port. The side is handled in paper, it deploys storehouse of 50 pages paper to input a capacity, the oldest width of cloth outputs supportive A4.

In particular function side. SamSung SF-361P mark matchs rate of 14.4kbps modulation demodulation, 6 seconds / the page transmits speed, 1.25MB memory capacity (100 pages) . Printing unit, it is nominal the resolution that print is 600 × 600dpi, the speed that print is minutely 4 pages. In duplicate unit, samSung SF-361P has resolution of duplicate of 600 × 300dpi, duplicate speed is minutely 3 pages, can realize 50%-150% shrink put scale. In scanning unit, samSung SF-361P uses means of scanning of CIS sensitive component, its are the biggest scanning resolution is 200 × 400dpi.

Although case of the market price on SamSung SF-361P is 1200 yuan only, the price of machine itself truly very cheap, but the INK-M45 of first wife experiences ink box, its print life to have 256 pages only however, this is equivalent to coverting the Money of pocket of consumer of fixed much collection, with respect to this bit character, what the author thinks SamSung company is done is a bit insufficient and honest and kind. Because be Xin Pingang,appear on the market before long, price respect still is not very stable, but with at present 900 yuan SamSung SF-341P photograph compares price, only expensive 300 yuan SF-361P has bigger promotion however on function, because if your economy budget is relatively bounteous,this author feels, want to taste have a taste of what is just in season to have He Chang cannot. But to impoverished user character, the author suggests to be able to wait go up for some time to be bought again.
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