[Shanghai] check inventory beautiful of big reduction sale can electrograph fall

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Editor viewpoint: Muti_function a new force suddenly rises of machine of an organic whole, make low end onefold status of functional office equipment is very awkward.

[Shanghai reports] beautiful can release two heat of 1000 yuan of price to turn last year imprint type electrograph FAX-TR188/177, experience long market severe test of a year, at present these two electrograph already stop production, the agency that takes money having remaining part is 799 yuan only to this model quoted price, suit domestic user and individual to use very much.

Beautiful can the still concise exterior design when FAX-TR177 is being had not only, and more alternative is offerred for the user on fax function. On function, the oldest transmission rate that FAX-TR177 supports is 9.6kbps, have 11 seconds / the transmission speed of the page, have the successive duplicate function of 1-99 page, mark deserves to receive ability of 40 pages without paper. In addition, it has an incoming telegram to show likewise, phone and fax are dialed automatic switch, automatically again, 5 sheet touch type to dial quickly, 30 encode type dials quickly function, support a variety of fax medium, all can use note letter paper, special certificate.

Look with respect to the author, FAX-TR177 although only mark matchs 9.6kbps to transmit rate, want than mainstream 33.6kbps slow a lot of, but can deal with common close, hair fax demand. And two model that mention in above paragraphs, underlying performance agrees basically, distinction depends on Control Panel color. Want to buy the user that be the same as price or faxes with the type in the near future, the author thinks FAX-TR177 is a product that is worth to recommend everybody.