[Beijing] FAX-2820 of brotherly electrograph be angry only 1680 yuan

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Prices sees a drop: This product value is not cheap, rise integratedly nevertheless the advantage of common paper electrograph and after use cost, still be worth a choose and buy very much.

[Beijing reports] brotherly FAX-2820 is an electrograph that uses common paper, with heat quick paper electrograph is compared, this product used the bad news material with new working principle and stronger versatility, in save life and use cost respect to have an advantage more, this product is at present newest price has fallen reach 1680 yuan, be not Chang Chao to be worth to user of small and medium sized business.

Over all dimension of brotherly FAX-2820 electrograph 374 × of 374 × 262mm, weight is 7.35Kg, the exterior design of the product compares in a popular style. Respect of bad news material, brotherly FAX-2820 uses TN-2050 to print magazine, current market value is 450 yuan are controlled. The cost that print is not high.

The record dimension of this electrograph is A4 norms, use laser to print means, this electrograph distributes stock 250 pages are entered carton and 20 pages send manuscript automatically implement, can satisfy use requirement basically. Printing character respect, this product supports 64 class gray scale to print, match sensor of stock CIS image, have standard, careful and super- careful norms of 3 kinds of scanning, emersion of clarity of content of enough general documentation.

Transmission respect, the buy inside this electrograph has 14.4Kbps modem, deferent speed is every page 6 seconds, electrograph itself can store 20 single bond dial and 200 dial quickly, the function is deployed accord with use demand.

Look on the whole, specific heat of this product price quick paper electrograph is a few taller, nevertheless whole uses cost to be reduced somewhat, and won't appear heat quick paper faxes a manuscript the phenomenon that the sort of character falls off, make the manuscript that print can be saved for a long time, look on the whole, after dominant position of the performance below put together syncretic and the advantage on use cost, electrograph of brotherly FAX-2820 common paper or blame often are worth a choose and buy.