[Beijing] tornado SP-2600 electrograph, with the market most base price 570 yuan

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[Beijing prices] of correspondence of electrograph of this common paper " tornado " belong to name of a series only, its right brand is clever. Clever it is Korea allows family name of information communication plant to meet what the company makes again, producing area is Korea capital -- head Er, manufacture business is group of Xiamen dark treasure. Dark treasure group is China of electrograph of series of the KX below Japanese pine piece the area always acts as agent, having inside course of study perfectly public praise.

Tornado SP-2600

Regard a major table as electrograph, tornado SP-2600 was held to clever the use of tornado series product is simple, economy is efficient wait for major attribute. Airframe connects body to use " elder " people consistent science and technology is white (have silver grey quality additionally optional) , concise and lively.

It is the bulk of 160mm of × of 343mm × 200mm only, won't take up overmuch desktop space, can lay aside the aleatoric corner that is in the office. Be worth what carry is, this electrograph application has prevent tilt to receive draft automatically implement design, use rise than congener type more convenient freely.

Tornado SP-2600 uses traditional heat quick the technology that print, use tall qualitative ribbon to output the effect to make received fax document clearer and marked, read easily. Because be on airframe, except the setting use at indication blue to be in a poor light outside liquid crystal screen, the functional key-press that earlies childhood to be abounded for having.

Provide stock to unplug memory of 10 incoming telegrams, automatically again namely, incoming telegram indication inquiry and dial, print automatically heading send with much site, remote control fax is received wait for a function, relevant option reduced an user to duplicate an operation, went to the lavatory to use.

Besides having fax function, tornado SP-2600 also still introduces duplicate function at alone in. In acquiescent setting output environment falls, its duplicate speed can achieve 3cpm, and function of much page duplicate can come true highest the level that outputs 50 documentation. In addition the basis uses requirement actually, the user still can shrink from definition set put scale, applied field is very extensive.

Cabinet and lively, and have such as much site to send, remote control fax is received, wake the rich function such as call up, the market is referenced 570 yuan price.