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In last few years, the ceaseless emerge in large numbers of of all kinds small and medium sized business, office things market also is driven subsequently. The sexual value that medium and small businesses values more is compared, also infiltrated each consumptive groups gradually. The most hot nature in office things is the equipment of aircraft of an organic whole of be the rage, not only the function is all ready, its majority exterior is relatively cabinet, matter than general copycat even collect, consequently more be helpful for saving a space. As a result of this one advantage, make market of machine of an organic whole appears to expand all-timely, this is a trend really, but choose exclusively by no means. Below the pine that devotes oneself to the individual device such as the fax all the time, share is owned in market of machine of an organic whole not much, so-called technique line of business is specialized in, taller to the requirement user, alone printer, electrograph appears more practical. The heat that the KX-FT902CN below the pine is a major quick paper electrograph, performance is excellent and price moderate, it is sexual price compares outstanding product.

The exterior retained the consistent way of the electrograph below the pine, operation interface differentiates meticulous. Still lack innovation, but used the black case that uses less, make whole appears composed inside collect. To paying attention to the practical personage with luxuriant exterior not quite, it is a right choice.

The KX-FT72CN below the pine is a give attention to two or morethings of family and office amphibious muti_function phone system electrograph. compatible ITU-T G3 faxes means, although speed of its modulation demodulation is common 9.6kbps only, deferent rate falls in MR means, for 15 seconds, but for not quite big to faxing a quantity user, enough also and contented use demand. In the meantime, this machine still is had fall automatically fast function. To save bad news capable person, the resolution of this machine also can be in standard / careful / super- careful / adjust between the photograph, among its tonal also be 64 class, make pass what receive or copy all sorts of files are clear and distinct.

The editor comments on: Although loosen,the performance of equipment of aircraft of an organic whole below is not highlighted, but product of its individual event is like a fax to wait, still have very all ready function and outstanding sexual price to compare. KX-FT902CN besides have 64 class demitint tone, 10 pages send draft, 20 pages automatically to be received without paper wait for outstanding fax beyond the function, still have duplicate, print etc deputy a function, in order to satisfy emergencies. At present this fax quote is 800 yuan only, the friend of need can go the market looks.
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