[Guangzhou] cabinet hold special offer of electrograph of practical Xia Hua conc

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Editor viewpoint: The exterior is cabinet, economic space; Low-cost, function is all ready. This HG-258C of Xia Hua recommends the user that is not worth to capital.

[Guangzhou reports] at present electrograph market of home basically is SamSung, soft below, Xia Pu, brother a few old brands, the price that lowest configures also wants 1000 yuan or so commonly. Appear more expensive for not tall to the requirement user. Bring for everybody today so cheap of electrograph depreciate information, special offer of Xia Hua HF-258C 680 yuan. The friend with limited fund can consider.

Xia Hua this electrograph exterior is cabinet, save a space greatly, functional respect is quite all ready, covered the daily place of average office user to need. Among them Chinese incoming telegram shows and power cut communicates the function is two sell a site greatly.