[Beijing] do not look not to regret to fly sale of special offer of electrograph

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F811S of flying benefit riverside is at present the lowest in series of electrograph of flying benefit riverside carries type, be being used at what use is heat quick paper, cost is so low, and in the future fax is printed fare of bad news material is lower also, but although electrograph of heat quick paper buys the price and later period to use charge to compare inferior cheap, but it prints the content that come out cannot long keep, do not suit to the user that saves documentation requirement for a long time is bought so, suit those following to hit along with look to handle official bussiness along with what discard choose and buy of group class user. This product quotes only 588 yuan, interested friend looks rapidly.

The exterior of F811S of flying benefit riverside used contracted white design, suit to put in neat office environment. The characteristic with the biggest F811S of flying benefit riverside is one is had on operation face plate one-way screen of indication Chinese liquid crystal, right is the number dials key, it is menu among functional adjustment key, left is duplicate, begin to wait for commonly used key. F811S of flying benefit riverside can output the paper of A4 dimension, support is received without paper, and have function of much page duplicate.

Electrograph of F811S of flying benefit riverside compares common electrograph for, have dosage of material of antistatic, bad news liquid crystal of deferent, Chinese shows clew, high quality wait for a function, overall design compares human nature to change, suit user of average office group.

At present agency is opposite electrograph of F811S of flying benefit riverside makes special offer sale, the price is 588 yuan only, to this price, this product is the electrograph of a special overflow. In the market carry out situation still considers sale in domestic market pretty good, depend on the smooth quality with flying benefit superior always riverside, it is the man Friday of office gens rare.