[Beijing] the sales promotion of functional SamSung electrograph of machine of a

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The movement that SamSung is handling fair product side recently is bigger still, the product depreciates in succession, sell the SF-341P of 1080 this before muti_function machine of an organic whole, fall madly actually now, social status fell 850 yuan, to wanting a choose and buy for the friend of an electrograph, such product still can compare overflow.

SamSung SF-341P is had print, duplicate, scanning 3 kinds of functions, do not cross whole or slant overweight faxes a function. Airframe has the standard pattern of 6 seconds, the modulation of 14.4 Kbps sees adjuster rate, the memory of 0.5MB, memory capacity can receive the fax content of 40 pages.

Other side, print: The printing resolution of 600 × 600dpi. Duplicate: The duplicate resolution of 600 × 300dpi, also support the function of much page duplicate of 50 pages of 1 ~ . And scanning respect, this machine uses for CIS scanning component, the optical resolution of this machine can achieve 200 × 200 Dpi, handling daily office task also is to do not have too big question.

On public marketplace, samSung SF-341P should calculate a very classical, besides providing the performance that has all sorts of main aspects, the quote that the most important is now also is very amiable, with the fax that is the same as a type photograph of machine of an organic whole is compared, price respect has clear advantage, although SF-341P is in the without what special place on appearance, but for practical to paying attention to user, still its can offer the place of the choice.