[Beijing] beautiful can be new FAX-JX electrograph JX500 appears on the market o

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New FAX-JX series electrograph used beautiful can of ink jet printer " FINE " technology of core of the head that print, increased the breadth of printer nozzle, realized ink jet electrograph 6 pages / minute the fax prints rate, among them high-end FAX-JX500 still was used before the SuperG3 data that laser electrograph just has transmits mode, the transmission rate of ink jet electrograph promotion reachs 3 seconds / page. Electrograph of FAX-JX series ink jet still realized the fax file of high quality to print, the high quality file that the feeling that the printing resolution of 600dpi × 600dpi makes an user clear got only laser electrograph just is had before is outputted.

Busy business affairs dealings can produce many interactive fax, busy tone is encountered when send or receiving a fax, the user can choose to continue to await only. And beautiful can set out from user demand angle truly, the add function in be being tasted newly through electrograph of FAX-JX series ink jet is offerred for the user settle way, make business affairs office more relaxed and convenient.

In FAX-JX series 4 the incoming telegram is had to show entirely in be being tasted newly record a function with the incoming telegram, it is important to make the user won't miss any business chance. FAX-JX500 still is had leave a message recording function, was equivalent to acquiring again for the user a phone leaves a message machine, whenever the user won't miss urgent message. Its are divided Chinese, English still was used outside having above function bilingual screen shows, huge went to the lavatory the use demand of different user.