[Beijing] do not buy did not have brotherly electrograph to sell 980 yuan

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Electrograph had entered brotherly FAX 738MC to swing goods period, its are original price fell by 1400 yuan 980 yuan, depreciate extent has 420 yuan, a surprise is absolutely for electrograph of common to paper.

Look from the exterior, brother 738 commonner, but its operation platform is designed very richly, plus its indication screen, greatly convenient your application is operated. Exterior bice gave a machine certain ornament, look more lively.

Performance side, what FAX 738 uses is common paper medium, its print width of cloth to be A4, have source extensive, save for a long time easily wait for an advantage. The machine uses ribbon heat to turn imprint type prints means, its fax speed 9 seconds / page, performance is more average. Printing precision respect, standard 85 lines / Mm, careful: Photograph 7.7 lines / Mm, exceed careful: Photograph (copy) 15.4 lines / Mm, performance is more outstanding, fax effect is distinct.

Additional, this electrograph still can realize 25 pages to be received without paper, have multichannel to send, long-range remote control, recording is respondent wait for a function, went to the lavatory greatly your actual application. Taking one with another, brother 738 electrograph performance is good, agree with small business user and SOHO gens.