[Hangzhou] only 700 beautiful can sales promotion of two electrograph special of

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[Hangzhou prices] compare by right of fashionable and cabinet exterior and excellent sexual value, the electrograph TR188 with can subordinate beautiful and TR177 suffer SOHO gens to favor quite all the time. Recently, the businessman undertakes to these two electrograph special offer is sold, at present special offer all is 700 yuan only.

Beautiful can TR188 whole color uses black and white alternate with, vogue, beautiful. Exterior dimension is 293 × 346 × 370mm, bulk is cabinet, place in desk very economic space. Deploy liquid crystal to display screen, go to the lavatory to be operated actually daily.

Performance side, beautiful can TR188 uses heat to turn the imprinted means that print, transmission speed is 11 seconds / page, capacity of 40 pages memory, compatible and of all kinds paper, no matter be letter paper of common A4 paper, standard,still be small flimsy, bill can be used. And contain an incoming telegram to display a function, satisfied the need that day-to-day business affairs communicates most user. Respect of bad news material, TR188 uses the ribbon with low cost, and still have wait for function of machine province report, save office cost effectively.

And beautiful can FAX-TR177 is a ribbon that is aimed at small-sized office and individual common paper electrograph. Offerred 11 seconds / the transmission speed of the page (be based on beautiful can NO.1 standard prospectus, ECM-MMR, standard mode) , capacity of 40 pages memory (be based on) of prospectus of ITU-T NO.1 standard, 8 elephants element is below circumstance of scanning density standard / 3.85 lines of Mm × / Mm. Use contact image sensor, its sheet touchs type to dial quickly 5, encode type dials quickly 30, multichannel sends 36. Supportive incoming telegram shows, and enhanced bill, flimsy transmit a function.