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Electrograph category is right the suits most office that touch is companionate

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In recent years, as technology of electric subclass consumer goods update the flying development with network technology ceaselessly, electrograph tried the engraft of different technique measure in not long time. As associated as technical engraft photograph is, different profession crowd sends and receive need besides the file with requirement contented and normal electrograph outside, also because of working property different had more meticulous function classification. Next we differ with respect to the basis the professional characteristic of the crowd, introduce a few electrograph that compare joint job need.

Choose substantially

Improve the abidance with the price of electrograph technology to reduce ceaselessly, make electrograph of heat quick paper got in the space in city environment substantially extruding, machine of common paper ribbon and laser aircraft are fast fashionable, they are depending on the dominant position that taller sex price compares to begin occupational mainstream market for a time. In the electrograph trade findings report 2005, we saw such data. Choose to go up in electrograph type, the laser electrograph of the person selected choose of 68% , the machine of person apt ribbon of 18% , ink jet printer is mixed heat quick machine rose two kinds to be occupied only jointly 14% , among them very big a printing effect that because laser chance is good,divides profit from and relatively substantial price. On current market, compare substantial ribbon opportunity and laser machine, below pine of nothing is more... than 313 with 343.

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Below the pine 313 it is the laser machine with a lower price, its price has more than 1000 yuan only, differ with ribbon machine very few. Fall as the pine this year taste newly, the admirable tone since Songxiayizhi also was taken on function and quality. Its mark matchs KX-FAT90E carbon pink, can print 2000 pieces, KX-FLD91E is basked in beat, can print 10000 pieces. The incoming telegram shows, receive without paper, the function such as filestore, compare with congener electrograph, not inferior on comprehensive sex of the function and advanced sex. Additional, it designs choiceness, weight has 7.4 kilograms only, a when be more economic space in a lot of fax. Absolutely high gender price than making its sale is in lead position, from since appearing on the market, it all the time very the reception that gets customer.

In ribbon machine domain, suffer quite currently in the machine that consumer approbates, below the pine 343 conspicuous all the more, some closer the condition that it is in price tangled warfare all the time since the day. The disorder of price system did not affect its sale, it remains one of the most welcome model on the market. 700 multivariate prices match on superior product performance, can yet be regarded as a kind of economical choice. In the transverse evaluation of many congener product, the transmission speed of 343 does not calculate the fastest, quality does not calculate highest, but, it is a lot of product however in notch integratedly a highest. Although the expression because of its each respect is not the toppest, but the position with maintaining better however, without the flaw. People gives the opinion of 343 is: Low end is substantial.
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