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Intelligent machine chooses wisely: SamSung SF-360 fastens an electrograph

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Electrograph industry grows time to grow quite, can saying is a more mature domain in office equipment, although many manufacturers also have more outstanding product, but below SamSung, pine, this a few old brands still hold Xia Pu the position that holds the balance in electrograph market. Recently, samSung will give novice pen again, roll out SF-360 series ink jet to fax machine of an organic whole.



This series electrograph includes two kinds of type: SF-360 (fax / duplicate) , SF-361P (fax / duplicate / print) the modem rate that SF-360 series uses 14.4Kbps transmits documentation, transmission time is 6 seconds only, and offerred 10 sheet press dial and 100 dial quickly. These are muti_function equipment has a structure the characteristic with compact, lightsome body (weight is 3 kilogram only) , partial model can come true minutely the duplicate function that 3 pages copy and minutely the printing speed of 4 pages.

Without but the intelligence of compare is changed

One of window that SF-360 series makes a person expect most are its powerful intelligence changes a function.

My Favorite of have the aid of (my favorite) the function can store 20 commonly used documentation, although do not have original to be on the hand, the user also can send these documentation at any time, reduced external condition manacle, ensured documentation to convey thereby, came true not to have paper work.

SamSung SF-360 series used Skew-Free (prevent tilt) function, skew-Free (prevent tilt) technology of automatic documentation feed can prevent omit important documentation because of paperboard to perhaps cause Mo Ban, strengthen the accuracy that the user faxes already, what implementation communicates is accurate without improved fax quality again by accident. The society of informatization, the competition of informatization, high quality and accurate information is business development is the strongest undoubtedly " helper " .

The sexual price that expect is less than is compared

Change a function besides powerful intelligence outside, electrograph of SamSung SF-360 series still has very high gender price to compare.

SF-360 series is most 1, the quantity of lunar work load of 000 pages finishs the workload with big user easily. The compatibility with SF-360 rich series makes smooth, finish the job to become reality conveniently. These are muti_function equipment has a structure the characteristic with compact, lightsome body (weight is 3 kilogram only) , saved use space adequately, to medium and small businesses and individual user SF-360 fastens an electrograph very good the problem that solved dimensional insecurity.
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