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Cheap and fine 1000 yuan of the following ribbon electrograph guides buy

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Small last week make up arranged for everybody " electrograph of 1000 yuan of laser guides buy " article. This, small make up brought this for everybody " cheap and fine 1000 yuan of the following ribbon electrograph guides buy " article, hope pair of need or the friends that prepare to buy ribbon electrograph provide a few reference.

Price of a few ribbon of article intermediary carry on electrograph all is in 889 the left and right sides, compare those who suit a few families and small-sized office user to use. Good, claver does not say, these a few machines introduce for everybody below.

The pine leaves quoted price of KX-FP343CN Un88 store: 830 yuan


The KX-FP343CN below the pine is a main area the electrograph of homeward front courtyard and small-sized office user, regard ribbon as one of products of printer, all the time the user pays close attention to quite. What this printer uses is common A4 paper, lose straw automatically implement the capacity is 10 pages, deferent speed is 12 clever / page. Scanning density can be divided for standard, careful, super- careful. Be worth what carry is the KX-FP343CN below the pine have much site to send, 28 pages are received without paper, duplicate enlarge is contractible wait for peculiar function.

The KX-FP343CN below the pine supports an incoming telegram to show, incoming telegram person full name and number can show to be shown on screen in the liquid crystal on airframe come, and these information still can be printed to come out to keep a record. KX-FP343CN has the transmission rate of 9600bps, 64 class demitint moves the file that can make its are received to reach very good definition.

One big characteristic can not have the KX-FP343CN below the pine namely paper accepts a fax, filestore of high capacity of the buy inside it implement, when paper was not placed inside machine, the document that receives can is in by memory first filestore implement inside, can amount to 28 pages at most. And filestore implement still provided another function, memory is stocked after the user can scan the file first, it is 25 pages at most, next reoccupy memory memory sends the document toward sink, can save next sweep time that send file place not less to need. KX-FP343CN is additional one big characteristic is much site sends a function, can send cent of much page file to most 20 sites.

In duplicate function respect, KX-FP343CN enlarge rate is 200% , 150% , reduction ratio is 92% , 86% , 72% , have trim sort and the many duplicate function that can amount to 50 at most, its presswork speed can amount to 4 pages / second. The KX-FP343CN below the pine has many practical functions, plus price not tall, so material benefit is spent pretty good, but because it is a heat turns,imprint electrograph, be opposite so of ribbon use up bigger.
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