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Content is worth electrograph of 1000 yuan of laser to guide somewhat buy

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At present in the market common electrograph can divide for the following 4 kinds: Heat up quick paper electrograph, ribbon electrograph, laser type electrograph and electrograph of ink jet type. Small today make up introduce a few nowadays to heating up the laser type electrograph that sell in UN88 store for everybody.

Laser type electrograph is to use carbolic pink to adhere to go up in paper and become a kind of electrograph that resemble, its job principle basically is the sound of a Selenium that uses the control inside airframe to stimulate beam of light, the open that stimulates beam of light by right of control and shut, beat the picture division that produces electrified carry on one's shoulder in selenium thereby, right now the carbolic pink of electrograph interior can get the attraction of charge and adherent go up in paper, form character or image graph. Rate of laser type electrograph is rapid; It is good that image receives the result, as a result of its accurate laser is controlled, make so print clearer; Can print with computer couplet net, some can send and receive fax, mail on the net even, implementation handles official bussiness without paper, already be economical environmental protection; Memory amount is large, can keep file of a few pages at least, can store commonly 100 pages above, implementation still can accept a large number of faxes below the condition that do not have paper; The function is rich, contain commonly print, the function such as duplicate, get of broad company and enterprise user love.

The pine leaves quoted price of KX-FL313CN UN88 store: 1760 yuan

The KX-FL313CN below the pine is an essence diminutive that this year the middle ten days of a month released in May electrograph of common paper laser, since its appear on the market, depend on not the attention with the sexual wider than getting price of common.


The appearance of this product is more cabinet still, not only on appearance design exceedingly fruity, the collocation with its ivory gray also is exceedingly good-looking, at the same time the product also continued the consistent outstanding do manual work that day is a product, transfer and detail processing is exceedingly pretty good. The feel of all key-press is exceedingly comfortable, the operation rises convenient and comfortable.

On the function, the KX below the pine - FL313CN uses dispute to often suit as average office. The printing speed of its product can obtain 10 pages / minute, deferent speed is 8 seconds / page. At the same time electrograph still is had lose straw automatically implement, can go to the lavatory often many pieces fax, save time and labor power, be defeated by draft automatically to be able to support most 15 pages, can undertake 20 sites are sent at the same time, memory function, can support an incoming telegram to show. Still be more powerful on the function.
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