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The product recommends: Intelligence behaves SF-360 electrograph

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The functional characteristic of SF-360 series product introduces

In office domain, office equipment already forward more the way that intelligence changes develops, when simple electrograph function already was passed, far cannot satisfy the need that handles official bussiness at present. In the meantime, as the ceaseless grow in quantity of family and individual office user, the office product that muti_function applying just suits domestic network more, accordingly, onefold office equipment also has become undesirable to this kind of user.

Can say, the electrograph industry that a more mature domain in office equipment should belong to development time to grow quite. Although many manufacturers also have more outstanding product, nevertheless SamSung, pine falls, this a few old brands still hold Xia Pu the position that holds the balance in electrograph market. The double actor that machine of an organic whole of fax of SF-360 series ink jet is changed by right of its height intelligence and exceeds strong sex price to compare especially combines the eyeball that attracted many users.

Understand a product above all the no more than of bring into contact with is its exterior. In exterior respect, samSung SF-360 series changes before white gives priority to tonal habit, mass-tone attune of gray makes airframe more appear professional and composed. Different type is in SF-360 series is same on the exterior, go up in function nevertheless, they are SF-360 respectively (include a fax / duplicate) , SF-361P (include a fax / duplicate / print) with SF-365TP (fax / duplicate / print / respondent) . Although the function is rich, but still continued the style with SamSung OA consistent equipment, structure of SF-360 series electrograph compact, body is lightsome (weight is 3 kilogram only) , using dimensional field very agile, to medium and small businesses and individual user SF-360 fastens an electrograph very good the problem that solved dimensional insecurity.

The exterior is admittedly important, but for public to doing facilities, buying the end that it comes back is use and not be to watch. Because the function of this product just is the most important, to SamSung SF-360 series, one of its most seductive window are its powerful intelligence changes a function.

Intelligence turns one of functional performance: My Favorite of have the aid of (my favorite) the function can store 20 commonly used documentation, although do not have original to be on the hand, the user also can send these documentation at any time, reduced external condition manacle, ensured documentation to convey thereby, came true not to have paper work, to increase office efficiency is mixed implementation environmental protection is energy-saving provide understanding definitely plan. Of high capacity of SF-360 series have the aid of inside buy memory (can store at most 100 pages) the protection that provided pair of all fax documentation on these intelligent functions.
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