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Year is the most popular electrograph beautiful can FAX-L220 is completely analy

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Beautiful can FAX-L220 is the electrograph that sold well quite in office product recently, although it had rolled out several years, not be new model, but however still very the reception that gets authority, more become IT168 year electrograph to pay close attention to degree of champion. After all beautiful can what charm does FAX-L220 have? We treat fine below can FAX-L220 has what advantage and drawback after all, it may not be a bad idea is everybody the choose and buy provides reference.

One, beautiful can FAX-L220 brief introduction

Beautiful can FAX-L220 basically is located in medium and small businesses and domestic office user surely, FAX-L220 airframe gives priority to body with white, the bracket of paper of pass in and out with the face plate that deserves to be moved with blue and transparent qualitative material. Configured the modem of 33.6Kbps, provided the memory capacity that can store 350 pages fax content at the same time, beautiful supports on output can UHQ (Ultra High Quality) processing system of freeboard quality image, theoretic can achieve precision of 600 × 600dpi. In addition, the sound of Selenium of type of an organic whole bosomy pink that FAX-L220 place uses is nominal life obtained 2700 pages.

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