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New option of the office that do not have paper -- blame tradition faxes concent

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When changing office cry to be like closely without paper, blame tradition fax complied with this kind of cry at once. Be in our country, the blame tradition that rolls out early or late faxes a product not to issue 10 kinds, have those who call a number the fax, have those who call an electron the fax, still have those who call a network the fax, although call a law to differ, form each different, but it is the appearance that faxes a product with the Cenozoic Era appears. As burgeoning product, blame tradition fax is returned in the user did not form fixed acknowledge, add the fax that appears on market the good and bad are intermingled, a lot of blame tradition faxes a product to be in while people brings more selection, also give people choose brought certain difficulty. Below, we introduce a few products with the at present better echo on the market, for people the choice is not traditional fax to do one navigation.

Elder form product -- 3GFAX

2003, golden constant science and technology rolled out the whole world that has 100% own intellectual property to the market electrograph of the first number -- 3G-FAX, its bud needs at place of for military use, arrive from research and development of first prototype roll out the effort that experienced 3 years, conquer countless difficulty, cost millions yuan. To can enter the market with mature attitude, unit of 3G-FAX research and development still spent a year of time, more than 10000 undertook in a lot of city such as Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu second fax dependability is compatible test.

Come from the function of the product say, 3G-FAX has all advantages that are not traditional fax, be like: Send and receive documentation to save management, fax automatically group hair, delay time is sent automatically, computer shuts machine send and receive, computer signs affix one's seal, fax modification transmit, send colour to pursue / extraction of ground of fax of the electronic file such as Word/Excel, high speed, different, speech leaves a message, the local area network is shared, , it replaces the paper agency of traditional electrograph with the digital chip of high capacity, need not paper, need not bad news material, operation is handy, maintenance-free, implemented the concept that green handles official bussiness truly thereby. To satisfy the requirement of all sorts of users, jin Heng 3G-FAX rolled out the type of 3 kinds of different version, it is edition of stand-alone edition, local area network, official edition respectively.

Arrive from face city now 3 years of time, the machine of many similar kinds was rolled out on market, but 3G-FAX faxes the market to go up to have position from beginning to end in blame tradition by right of excellent technology. In light of the information that feedbacks from each media place, the user offerred sufficient affirmation to its function. Not only such, 3G-FAX series product still is awarded 2003, quality of 2004 year nation detects company of battalion of the eligible product, countryman in 2004 is well-known the title such as the brand. Examine to be improved with the technology through market of 3 years, the character be obvious to all of 3G-FAX.
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