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Demand is feral! Can promote Cofax network to fax a server

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Material of the paper that you consider thousands of yuan complete leave out is annual, bad news and upkeep costs?

You want to let print, dial, send paper, encounter busy dial again, delayed action, group hair, check the fax such as telephone directory to operate simplification, are two seconds finished?

Do you want to let send and receive a fax save automatically, search at will, be never lost?

Do you want to pass the electronic documentation such as chromophotograph, blueprint, program, Word/Excel with electrograph?

Do you want to fax the company number to publish go up in Huang Ye? 24 hours receive automatically?

Do you fax the trouble of a canal of one cannot say for sure?

Do you send a fax to run to run very troublesome feeling?

... ...

Want you to have only can promote Cofax network fax a server, afore-mentioned all problems OK.

The operation that can begin Cofax network to fax a server is very simple, need CoFAX of aux will be able to to receive only in the local area network on some computer, the user can send fax and document on computer of station of the either in the local area network; When receiving, coFAX can undertake blurring matching according to sending and receive a person information, in distributing received content automatically corresponding computer, not affirmatory put communal mailbox.

The good point that can allow the interfacial design of Cofax to absorb Windows Explorer and Outlook Express and use habit, the user does not learn to be met oneself, operate freely; Open CoFAX government implement, receive reception documentation to go up automatically in carrying computer, the user can be browsed on computer directly, edit, affix one's seal, sign, add Feng Ye, transmit to wait; Send fax and electronic document, need to pull file immediateness to reach the other side only;

Can promote Cofax to still a the most absorbing function need not open computer to also can receive the fax that amounts to about a hundred page automatically namely additionally, report it can close speech of the implementation below machine to leave a message in computer, receive electronic file function; Always be busy when the other side or unhurried fax, but set is in in the middle of the night, put out computer, send by CoFAX delay time, loosen gently, can enjoy the communication cost of half price again.

Can promote Cofax network to fax a server not only be economical, efficient, and administrative fax file goes out very convenient, it came true not to have paper fax truly, reception fax need not be printed in keeping existence number chip automatically, open computer hind to go up automatically carry computer to be browsed for you, help you complete leave out is annual material of thousands of yuan paper, bad news and upkeep costs.
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