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Choose electrograph to talk from advantage of the 6 old popular brands since man

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The price of electrograph is lower and lower, before be being put in a few years very " extravagant " provide the product of sell like hot cakes that also becomes office equipment nowadays, but brand of the electrograph on the market is very much now, if want a choose and buy, one cannot say for sure is met partly temporarily cannot leave a hand, plus current electrograph product coessential change an appearance more and more serious, this increased the difficulty of consumer choose and buy undoubtedly. To consumer, assure the most importantly with respect to the character that is electrograph, the firm of this and electrograph is direct and associated, accordingly, the understanding that we can pass pair of electrograph manufacturers will undertake reference for our choose and buy.

In electrograph market, day Han is occupational big half of country, investigation data shows, of 89.0% suffer the electrograph that visits an unit to own entrance brand, only of 11.0% the electrograph that sufferring those who visit an unit to have is card of home made product. Below the pine, beautiful can, SamSung and brother, add up to of 4 names brand obtained the brand attention of more than 3/4 to spend, of market of this shows electrograph tall compositive degree, after the brand such as flying benefit riverside, Xia Pu spends close therewith with lesser attention, and manage light, SVA, photoelectricity, associate wait for a brand to struggle hard in the brim of the market. Their product line shares very fine, suit the consumer of diverse demand, we see the electrograph that takes mainstream market have what brand and type below:

One, Panasonic (below the pine)

1. market is had rate

Panasonic (below the pine) occupational the major market of electrograph, show by relevant data, panasonic (below the pine) in August 2006 when 38.58% what took the market, it is the leading sheep of electrograph market. 2005 when, the first when electrograph brand attention spent 2005 maintained below the pine.

2. manufacturer brief introduction

The electric equipment below the pine from 1918 Songxiaxingzhi is aided since doing poineering work, regard an enterprise as the person, be tasted through the provider and serve, from beginning to end with " to make the life of people becomes more rich, more comfortable, make contribution for the development of world culture " to manage a concept, be engaged in an enterprise running an activity. Those who experienced more than 80 years struggle, already developed now world-renowned integrated model electronic enterprise, each country of alive bound is developing career activity.

On December 17, 2002, the electric equipment below the pine (China) limited company transforms formally for solely invested company, english abbreviation also turns into by CMC MC. The company assists sexual company to turn into from the career company of sex of draw together of region interconnected system. The company registers capital to increase to 13, 6.92 million dollar, number of the employee at the beginning of 2004 achieved about 800. The pine falls to place Chinese market in the first place that razzia from beginning to end.
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