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Seek flexible - - the live path that faxes an industry

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Electrograph can calculate the old friend that must going up is office staff in office domain. It is the mainest communication tool inside business affairs domain, also be enterprise or business one of necessary office equipment of the unit. The company that can say 99.9 % can use electrograph, accordingly, the sales volume of electrograph cans be imagined.

From heat quick paper arrives common paper, arrive from heat quick induction ink jet, print to laser, from black and white to color, transmission rate is rapidder and rapidder, resolution is higher and higher also. In fact such really also, electrograph involves the technology of 3 respects: Communication is transmitted, paper scanning, printout. The progress of each technology, drive the occurrence of new-style electrograph. Fall in order to loosen (Panasonic) , samSung (Samsung) , xia Pu (Sharp) , brother (Brother) the foreign brand that is a delegate, follow closely technology progresses, roll out new model ceaselessly, the extends instead way that faxes an industry is them it seems that one pace is advanced to new way.

Of Internet gain ground, the electron turns the tide of office, make electrograph transmits the importance with commutative respect to begin to drop in the file. Especially the development of email and use go up in certain level, billabong electrograph of major customary support undertakes transmission the document with exchange. From the point of the case that uses actually, the use frequency of electrograph is being reduced stage by stage. Data statistic shows, the crop that is electrograph on one hand and sales volume are in growth, it is use capacity of average cost ability is in electrograph on one hand drop, this also confirm current market demand feature: Although the use frequency of the user is lower and lower, but must own electrograph facility (or the contained other that faxes a function accords with equipment) , come from the client's file in order to receive.

Muti_function the occurrence of machine of an organic whole and sell like hot cakes, will common electrograph is immersed in times of a trough. The market demand that office unifinication, miniaturization, intelligence changes, make compositive those who fax a function is muti_function machine of an organic whole, become the main force of the market. With HP Officejet 4255 muti_function machine of an organic whole is exemple, HP Officejet 4255 gives priority to the ink jet that wants a function with the fax namely muti_function machine of an organic whole, this product ever was on the attention of product of machine of ink jet an organic whole of IT168 successive a few months row the first, enough sees the user is right of this product look at in person, in the meantime, the opportunity of an organic whole that is main function in order to fax is very welcome the value that still shows a fax.

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